12 was a common number to round things off to. in a general sense. a dozen. the surrounding numbers didn’t have that, a nickname like a dozen. a dozen eggs, a dozen months in a solar year… that last one technically counts but isn’t as common as it reads. a dozen hours in a day, on the face of a clock. i wonder if that’s because it was just a natural fit or because it was natural to stop before 13. i don’t know why it’s considered unlucky number. there’s so much mythology behind numbers that maybe stories were created to talk about the numbers. what if stories were teaching us math instead and moral lessons came as a by product. you know that feeling when hearing a story and how it reminds you of something else? or story archetypes? hero gets the girl in the end, is a phrase often mistaken as a regular thing. but just summarizes a part of our upbringing. I wanted to be a hero. who didn’t?

I really enjoy science and science fiction, but i wasn’t very good with math growing up. it didn’t seem like something i could get better at. math is cool as heck! when you see it do its thing, but i couldn’t see why there were people that called it fun. it was something else i like a free pass at not trying something to see if i liked it. like veggies. i liked veggies when i got older. I like science -fiction more when i got older. people have adverse reactions to things they didn’t understand. I count with my hands still. thinking back on my math classes growing up, i think it was how everyone finished off a problem with, presto! and i felt dumb because i couldn’t see how easy they did.

I remember i thought it was the coolest thing when i met somebody that knew the 13th multiplication column? I wonder if anyone else feels strange that i don’t see ‘the 13th Doctor being a phrase floating around. instead the original just does a last second cameo and doesn’t seem affected by meeting the 12th. time, man. i keep an analog watch and use military time because it’s the laziest way for me to show i didn’t give up on math completely! plus it made me feel cool and different, as if anyone cared. but, oh well.

waiting for the next hollywood remake to come out and numbers are like, times infinity.
math rocks! posters with the cheesy graphics and a pencil stabbed in a wormy apple, is what i picture when i remember math class.

The word necessary, when i learned to spell it without thinking about how many c’s or s’s went where was a very proud moment for me. but i still don’t know the i before e except after and when it’s this and that rule.


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