soft autumn stairs

I saw the moon and remembered
when i hid inside.
I saw the sun in a puddle
and remembered shackles
I saw the hurricane and
hit the snooze
Alarms. A loom. A late. A goof.
A wait. A fool. Aloof balloon,
let go when we were children
strings like tails on kites,
one come home after so many
alarm clock check, where are my pants.


A vessel sometimes lent to let everyone else speak. Taken apart at night through intricate mental balancing. My life is left tattered because, my loved ones help and are held ransom if i don’t. my waking up, remembering gets easier when i question the ransom.

Not revenge classical. I’m only. I see. I felt. “when i get loose…” I suspect. They’ve seen some of me. Yeah, the boundary personal that’s been crossed. I’m some guy. Some girl. a romantic mad scientist flexing all the wrong reasons. My ethereal body, astral, soul-form. I wanted a team, i’m more dangerous on my own. denominations, quotients, sum- “when i come back…” …I never left. Dust, an end… i’m there too.

Invisible, flick ‘o the wrist. My smile, my burial, my birth, my children, my memories, my life – my love will kill everyone soft, sweet and swift. Take a drink, smoke that stoagie because you already hurt. Listen. Tick, tock are my approach and the space in between i smell the flowers and trample the pavement. I see.


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